Let Us Cater Your Event

What could be more fun than hosting an ICE CREAM PARTY! Who doesn’t LOVE ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY, and there is scientific evidence to prove that the emotional pleasure part of our brain lites up with every sweet taste!

We are more than a catering division, we are THE STARS & STRIPES’ SCOOPOLOGISTS, Ice Cream Event Party Planners who are ready to design what best fits the occasion you envision. Or, perhaps you will choose from several of our pre-packaged PRESIDENTIAL TASTING ROOM menus. Full- service for 2 hours and we take care of everything.

With 16 creamy & rich hand scooped ice cream flavors to choose from and a fully loaded toppings bar with delicious sweet & crunchy toppings, and drizzles of chocolate and caramel, all you need do is pick your favorites and we will deliver, setup and provide full service for your guests.

Let’s get the party started!

Start at 60 as the minimum guest

Minimum notice – 2 weeks